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Original Production Animation Cel of Jock from "Lady and the Tramp," 1955

Original Production Animation Cel of Jock from "Lady and the Tramp," 1955
Original Production Animation Cel of Jock from "Lady and the Tramp," 1955

Original hand inked and hand painted production animation cel of Jock with a Bone set on a lithographic background from "Lady and the Tramp," 1955, Walt Disney Studios; Size - Jock: 3 x 3", Image 8 1/2 x 15 1/4"; Unframed.

"Lady and the Tramp" (released on June 22, 1955) is a full length featured animated film produced by Walt Disney and released by Buena Vista Distribution. The film was the 15th in the Walt Disney Animated Classics series, and it was the first animated feature filmed in with the CinemaScope widescreen film process. The film was based on the story "Happy Dan, The Whistling Dog" by Ward Greene and tells the story of a female American Cocker Spaniel named Lady who lives with a refined, upper-middle-class family. Lady meets a male stray mutt named Tramp and they embark on many exciting and romantic adventures.

One evening in 1937, Disney story man Joe Grant invited Walt Disney over to his house for dinner and ended up showed Disney a drawing he had made of his pet Springer Spaniel, who was named Lady. Walt loved the drawing and suggested that Joe make a storyboard out of it; which he did and the plan was to create a new animated film, simply titled "Lady." The story that was pitched ended up being too simplistic to Walt Disney's taste, and the project was put on hold until about 20 years later.

Jock (Heather Lad O'Glencairn) is a Scottish terrier who lives near Trusty. He is very loyal and protective of his friends. He was animated by Ollie Johnston and voiced by Bill Thompson (who had provided the voice to Mr. Smee for "Peter Pan").

Jock actually had his own short song called "Jock's Song" which he sang during his first appearance in the film; where he is seen visiting his secret cache of bones buried under some bushes in his backyard. The song followed the tune of the Scottish folk song "The Bonnie Banks o'Loch Lomond." The lyrics are below:

"Four steps a-straight, and then to my left

And right at the place where I marked it

With a Bonnie, Bonnie bone that I'll bury for me own

In the Bonnie, Bonnie bank in the backyard"

This is an absolutely adorable original production animation cel of Jock holding a bone from "Lady and the Tramp," 1955. He is eyes open, holding a bone in his mouth, and peeking around a corner. This is just a wonderful piece of vintage Walt Disney animation art history and a great addition to any animation art collection!


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