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Original Production Animation Cel of Donald Duck from "Steel and America," 1965

Original Production Animation Cel of Donald Duck from "Steel and America," 1965

Original hand painted production animation cel of Donald Duck from "Steel and America," 1965, Walt Disney Studios; Set on a lithographic background; With original Art Corner Certificate sticker verso; Size - Donald Duck: 4 x 4 1/2", Image 9 x 12"; Unframed.

"One of the greatest satisfactions in our work here at the studio is the warm relationship that exists within our cartoon family. Mickey, Pluto, Goofy, and the whole gang have always been a lot of fun to work with. But like many large families, we have a problem child. You're right, it's Donald Duck." - Walt Disney

Donald Duck, the hot-headed anthropomorphic duck, was created by Walt Disney. His theatrical debut was in the short "The Wise Little Hen," in 1934. Donald's fiery temper combined with his humorous manner of speech (which was performed by his original voice actor Clarence "Ducky" Nash) has earned the famous Duck numerous Academy Awards, more film appearances (over 150 shorts and films) than any other Disney character, and a popular series of comic books.

Original production animation cel of Donald Duck without the background.

"Steel and America" is an educational short released by Walt Disney Productions on May 5, 1965. It was directed by Les Clark, produced for the American Iron and Steel Institute, and released in 16mm format. The film was used to promote the steel industry and combined live action sequences with animation. "Steel and America" traced the history of the steel industry and follows the manufacturing process from raw iron ore to finished products. Donald Duck portrays a steelworker and the film run time is twenty-five minutes.

Original backing board and Art Corner Certificate sticker.

Close up of the original Art Corner Certificate sticker.

This is a fantastic original production animation cel of Donald Duck. He is full figure and using a bellows to heat a kiln that is being used to melt a bar of iron. This cel was originally sold through Art Corner Gallery, located inside Disneyland, and included is the backing board with the original Walt Disney Art Corner gold label. A wonderful piece from a rare Disney film and this would be a great addition to any Disney animation art collection!

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