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Andy Warhol - Double-sided Watercolor

Updated: May 28, 2018

A Gold Book: Double Sided Two Plates; 1957; Offset lithographs with hand-coloring, on wove paper, a trial proof, presumably unique in this composition, the full sheet, printed on both sides of one sheet; Authenticated by the Andy Warhol Art Authentication Board and numbered PM20.0230; Framed with two linen acid free mats, two gold wood fillets, a hand carved and gilded wood frame, and UV conservation clear glass.

In the 1950's Andy Warhol was a very successful and very sought after commercial artist working in New York. He had gained notariety for his blot line technique, which produced an elegant incomplete (dotted and dashed) line that he was using in various print advertising and commercial applications. The dotted/dashed lines of his compositions were then hightened with watercolors and the resulting works had made Warhol one of the most used commercial illustrators in New York.

The blot line was accomplished by Warhol first drawing out his image on a sheet of paper and then placing wax paper over the image. He would then use an ink fountain pen and trace over his original drawing. While the ink was still wet on the wax paper, a new sheet of white paper was blotted onto the wax sheet containing the ink drawing. The result was a mirror image of the original drawing, with the ink lines composed of broken dots and dashes. These blotted drawings had a wonderful feel to them, their lines were soft and quite unique!

This work for sale is a really spectacular example of Andy Warhol's blot line technique that was translated into lithograph. Warhol had gained in popularity due to his large commercial campaigns and decided to compete a series of limited edition lithographs that were then hand watercolored. These works were sold and many were given away as gifts. Presented here is a rare double sided work with two of Warhol's most famous images; the male head profile with a single yellow rose between his lips and on the verso, a red bird resting on a a fruiting tree branch. In both cases all the black lines were initially created with his blot line technique and then translated into lithographs. These were then hand watercolored, so that the yellow rose, it's green leaves and stem, as well as the red bird were all hand painted using Warhol's preferred brand of watercolor, Dr. Martin's Watercolors.

The frame is created specifically for this work. It was hand carved and created in a way that allows for both sides of the work to be seen without the art having to be removed from the frame. The front side of the drawing is the male profile with a yellow rose between his lips. This side of the frame has a pale green linen mat, UV conservation clear glass, and a gold fillet. The wood frame is hand carved with matching gold gilded roses in each of the four corners, flanked on both sides by a hand carved leaf. The red bird side of the work has a bright red linen mat, UV conservation clear glass, and the same gold fillet as it's verso.

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