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Pablo Picasso - "Étude de Profils (Study of Profiles)"

Étude de Profils (Study of Profiles); 1948, Lithograph on wove paper, signed in pencil Picasso bottom right and numbered 47/50 in pencil bottom left; Dated 6.12.48 in the plate lower left; The full sheet, with margins; Framed floated using acid free hinges; and framed using a black wood frame, two linen mats, a black wood fillet, and UV conservation clear glass.

Pablo Picasso - "Étude de Profils (Study of Profiles)"

On December 6, 1948, Pablo Picasso created one of his largest lithographs that he ever made, "Étude de Profils (Study of Profiles)" which measures 29" x 22 1/2." The famous printer and publisher Mourlot stated that this lithograph was created as a "series of pen and brush drawings [and] crayon rubbings to try a paper sized according to the artist's instructions." The work shows over 20 profiles and 6 eye studies. What is so wonderful about this work is the ability to view many different ways in which Picasso composed his subject matter. In addition, the top row of profiles seem to slowly morph one profile into the next, as if Picasso's last drawing functions as a starting point for his next.

The majority of the images depict females and the three that are males, are caricatures; comprising three frowning and one smiling profiles all located on the far left of the image. The female studies include several of his past lover, mistress, and muse; Marie-Therese Walter, as well as the current lovers during this time in the 1940's, Dora Maar and Francoise Gilot. Some of the profiles are simple line drawings while others are extremely complex and detailed studies; and the entire lithographic image was given a wonderful background tone that seems to further join and relate all the profiles together into a cohesive single image. The work is in excellent condition and showcases Picasso's drawing and technical skill as well as his draftsman abilities. The catalogue raisonne references are: Bloch 581; Mourlot 132; Cantz 432; and Rau 404.

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